Message from the Scientific Council Chairman
Prof. Amin Y. Noaman

In the name of our lord Allah, and peace be upon the last of the prophets our beloved messenger Mohammed and his good companions..

Universities oversee a crucial and effective role paving the future based on scientific grounds and built on research and innovation to contribute in preparing future generation that we will be proud of and highly qualified cadres to achieve the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision in service of the university as well as community. Undoubtedly, the Scientific Council represents a cornerstone in its pursuit towards enabling faculty and providing all means to effectively motivate them towards distinguishment in education, research, and innovation.

From this initiative, the Scientific Council seeks to develop a research and innovation matrix in the university through equal and transparent applicable executive decisions, criteria and regulations. The Scientific Council is supportive of quality foundations and distinguished faculty encouraging them to continue their academic journeys and promotions as well. The Council also seeks to provide such faculty with all academic development opportunities via programs such as sabbaticals, scientific communication, facilitating all matters leading to participation in scientific conferences, development courses, high-quality research in refereed, recognized and reputable academic journals to aid in the university's academic progress and excellence in international rankings.

In conclusion, I extend my appreciation and gratitude for the tremendous work the Scientific Council members as well as committees have been able to produce thus far in order to achieve our beloved Kingdom's 2030 Vision, and also in achieving the university's goals and objectives effectively and pragmatically, benefitting faculty in their academic affairs.

We ask our benevolent and almighty lord Allah to grant us His blessings and speed in service of our ever-giving country, as well as our esteemed universities which we are proud to be among them, with our heartfelt wishes for everyone to achieve success in service of knowledge and education.

Last Update
10/12/2021 6:26:44 PM